Nutritional Therapy

Why Nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a complementary method of using food, supplements and lifestyle changes to support the body’s own healing processes. ForeverSun – Herbal Health will devise an individual programme based on any particular symptoms, current diet and lifestyle. Nutritional therapy may help in the support and maintenance of many health concerns including cardiovascular health, digestive health, the immune system, bowel health, joint health, fertility, the mind & mood, energy levels, the nervous system, liver health and many more. It may also help to boost sports performance and improve an already reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle.

How our service works

Before the initial consultation, each client should complete one or more questionnaires based on your area or areas of concern. These questionnaires are available for download below. The questionnaires should be returned to us at least 7 days before your first consultation. You can either post them or have them emailed back to us at without having to print the document.

The initial consultation will last approximately 60 minutes. During this initial consultation, all factors will be discussed in detail, along with any goals or desired outcomes, in order to create your own individual programme. Follow up consultations are also available in order to assess your progress and help you get the best from your individual Nutritional programme.The cost of our consultations are as follows:

Initial consultation (60 mins): £65
Follow up consultations (45 mins): £50