Salitas 3D Diet

SALITAS 3D Diet and Weight Management Plan

18 January, 2018

(1) De-Stress    (2)  De-Tox   (3) De-Eat (diet)

The most effective and long-term way to successful weight management is to follow the Salitas – Health & Well-being 3D diet plan.     Now that the festive season is over once more, we find ourselves subjected to the usual barrage of TV ads urging us to buy into their weight management course, or their “once in a lifetime, never to be repeated” gym membership, not to mention the endless celebrity work-out DVD’s that shame you into opening your purse in the hope that you too can be stick thin in two weeks!  They are all designed to get you to part with your hard earned (or borrowed) cash knowing full well that you are likely to have over-indulged during the past month. They know too, that you are feeling vulnerable and probably at your lowest ebb due to the added stresses and strains that this time of year can bring. This also means that you are highly likely to fail within the first couple of weeks of any regime and the marketers can once more ply their wares again next year.

What are The 3 “D’s” ?

If you are serious about loosing or managing your weight permanently, then you need to be focussed and follow our guidelines carefully.
Embarking on any weight management regime or diet when we are stressed is never a good idea as this is a sure fire-way to failure as we are unable to commit to such a program of strict personal discipline unless we have a clear pathway without distractions. Let’s face it…we are most likely to feel  under pressure at this time of year and any on-going stressful situations can only be  even more exasperating right now. Our priority is to deal with this before we make any attempt to rush off and join our local gym or slimmers club.

Once we have item one under control (and only then) we have to look at preparing our body and getting it ready for the final and ultimate stage in our plan. Until now, our body has been host to a plethora of neglectful and abuse punishment over many months or years of fast food, drink and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. We first need to empty our system of the abundance of toxins and free radicals that are now stored in our body fat. When we consume foods that are not particularly good for us, our body tries to dispose of this rubbish in the normal way, but quite often, we tend to overwhelm our systems with more than our body can handle. Our body makes a management call to store excessive toxins within our own body fat. Under normal circumstances, stored toxins are eventually safely released so they can do us no more harm, but if we are continually overwhelming our systems, then this process cannot happen. The body is then unwilling to remove the fat which stores these harmful chemicals and toxins as this would result in the release of poisons into our system.Detoxing in a controlled way will allow the removal of this previously unmovable stored fat in order that we can now embark on the most important, critical and lifestyle changing module of all. Yes! it is….

De-Eat (diet)
Now, whilst most commercial (money making) plans direct you to this part as their first and only port of call to that illusive new you, it is purposely short lived. After all, what would be the point in giving you a permanent solution to being overweight or untoned? Making a diet plan to end all diet plans would mean they could only sell their products to you once only as you would be unlikely to need them ever again. They need you to fail so that you return to try again and again year after year.

A plan tailored to you

The SALITAS 3D diet plan is a complete and comprehensive look at your own personal lifestyle that will recommend lifestyle changes that will promote a healthy choice for all of your family which will keep you and your vitality at your peak for years to come. De-eat does not mean you have to starve yourself into a size 10 as many plans will have you do. De-eat (or diet) means… together, we will examine new ways to have a fulfilling and healthy diet – a re-education, if you like- which will become a way of life without denial, enabling you and your family to face a new, brighter, healthier and slimmer future.There is no “one size fits all” plan to achieve this. As everyone is unique, then so must each plan be unique in its prescription if it is to be successful.

There is also no quick fix. You must be prepared to invest time into your plan if it is to succeed.The SALITAS – Health & Well-being 3D diet plan will require you to be determined, focussed and ready to adhere to  an arduous, but extremely effective regime which can take around eight months to complete in order for you to ultimately become the”New You!”

If the SALITAS – Health & Well-being 3D diet plan is of interest to you, please telephone 01782 513407 for further information. or email us “We won’t let you down”